Note list (by Cubeactive)

Note list is the elegant notepad app for your mobile devices.

With Note list's simple operation and versatility you can create quick notes, todo items and write down all your ideas and reminders. Use the folder structure to keep all your notes organized. Looking for a simple yet powerful notepad app for your Android device, Note list is it.
Manage all your notes with ease

• Easy to use - Large notepad for writing notes, optimized for phones and tablets
• Organize notes - Store your notes in folders and archive folders.
• Sync notes - Synchronize notes on multiple devices with Google Drive
• Quick access - Add a shortcut to your home screen to quickly open the notepad editor to create new notes.
• Reminders - Add reminders to notes and check completed notes.
• Backup/Restore - Keep your notes save by using the backup manager or synchronization function.
• Calendar view - Not only is Note list a great note app, you can also use it to write down todo items.
• Language support for: English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish.
Pro upgrade features

• Use Note list ads free.
• Note widget.
• Bold, Italic, Underlined, Font color, Highlight color markup options.
• App lock.

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