Poker Party (by slashsoft UG)

Remember all those fantastic poker rounds you've had with your friends? Wouldn't it be great if all that fun and excitement were available on your phone or tablet? Well, it is. Get Poker Party today and indulge into a few rounds of poker whenever you want!

Aside from its great looks, Poker Party features configurable computer players. It also provides a choice of multiple tables with different buy-ins and increasingly stronger competitors. In addition, the game includes various challenging achievements and a global leaderboard. Think you can make it into the global top 3? ;)

In contrast to many other poker apps, Poker Party offers an authentic single-player mode. This mode works fully offline, thus saving you valuable mobile data. Poker Party also comes with an optional coach, allowing you to enhance your poker skills.

Well, 'nuff said - try it out yourself!

Should you have any suggestions for making Poker Party even better, we'll be happy to hear from you.

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