Max Fitness Personal Trainer (by MVH Group)

Training and Nutrition Assistant for all the people interested in becoming the best version of themselves.

After over a year of testing and improving, we present to your attention v2 of this amazing fitness app. We created great new features and improved the already existing ones. Awesome design and a ton of features including:


*Workout assistant with progress tracking features, and even super set management

*Training schedule manager with limitless options, including adding multiple workouts per day for as many days as you like (create even a schedule of 100 different training days)

*Creating and adding your own exercises to the database

*Strength levels tracker

*Personal records tracker

*Volume tracker

*One rep max calculator

*and more...


*Goal related calorie calculator

*Macronutrients tracker with options to adjust your intake levels and check progress charts

*Food log

*Creating and adding your own foods to the database

Body Stats Logging:

*Body weight and body measurements logging with progress charts

*Ideal measurements calculator

*Progress photos management

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