Party Light (by XdebugX Games)

Whether your at the rave, disco or club, Party Light is for those who love partying and being the center of attention. It's the original light show app that turns your phone in to a hypnotic light machine! Party Light makes use of your phone's internal accelerometer, camera LED and microphone to pulse, strobe and mix various light effects based on sound and movement. Party Light's unique rave mode changes color based on how you hold your phone. No need for glowsticks, wave your phone for a multicolored rave light.
When you're at the club, rave or disco, just turn on Party Light and it takes over pulsing to the beat of the music. It'll turn heads and creates a unique ambiance that makes you part of the experience!
Party Light has multiple strobe, rave, color effects with more effects in the works!

Camera Permission is for LED Strobe. Audio recording permission is for sound visualization only.

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