Android Promo Codes - FAQ

What is Android Promo Code?

Android Promo Code is a website which helps developers to spread their Promotioncodes for Android Apps.

Developers can register their App and add Promotioncodes, after adding an App to the page a special link will be generated which can then be posted on a forum or other Social Medias to easily spread the Promotioncodes. Android Promo Code will take care of the Promotioncode handling, so the developer doesnt have to sent out to each of its target audience a single code.

What is a Promotioncode?

With a Promotioncode you can get an app or game for free which is usually paid.
Check out the Developer handbook at Google for more information

Why is there no code?

Usually a developer can only request up to 500 Codes for an app in the Play Store quarterly, so if 500 People already redeemed a code there is no code left to be used as they are one time use only.
Every quarter a Developer can request 500 new codes, so check back if your desired App/Game has new Codes.